Earn more bitcoin for free using the services below!

These are all applications and services that I use on a daily basis and highly recommend!

🛍 Get Bitcoin back when you shop online

These are super easy to setup in your browser and some stores offer 20%+

Lolli - Online shopping chrome extension

🎁 Buy gift cards with Crypto and get rewards

I recommend using Strike for this so you can pay with USD easily and save your crypto

Fold - Buy retailer gift cards with lightning and get an average of 8% back in Satoshis

Bitrefill - Buy gift cards from a huge collection of retailers and get rewarded in Satoshis

📈 Earn Interest on your Crypto

These services are institutionally backed and use your crypto for lending to generate interest

BlockFi - Earn up to 8.6%, BTC = 6%, ETH = 5.5%

CEL - Earn up to 16% on certain tokens. Offer 1% crypto backed loans.

💰 Buy Crypto

Easiest ways to start buying BTC or other crypto currencies:

SwanBitcoin - Dollar Cost Average into BTC and get $10 in BTC

Gemini - Buy BTC and many other coins, I use Gemini the most

Cashapp - Buy BTC with Cashapp and get $15

Coinbase - Buy BTC and many other coins and get $10

Note: I recommend these because they're the easiest to get started with

🎓 Learn About Crypto

Earn on Coinbase Learn and learn about different crypto currencies and how they work

If you need help getting setup feel free to reach out on twitter or email me at:

Waitlist links for some awesome services I will use:

Strike Global - Send Payments anywhere in the globe

Strike Payday - Get your paycheck in bitcoin

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